Continuing Education requirements for the AO Certificate in Implant Dentistry

Applicants must present evidence of verifiable CDEs (CCERPS, CPD, etc.) sessions or presentations over a five-year period, on implant-related material, totaling 200 hours in 18 specific categories. 85 of those 20 continuing education hours are considered “core knowledge”.

Applicants will also need to provide verifiable evidence of continuing education hours from certified providers. Evidence may include Letter of Verification, certificates, etc. Documents can be sent digitally either online through (or another comparable file sharing site) or compressed in a zip file not to exceed 5MB.

200 total hours of continuing education credits must be obtained in the following categories:


General Categories = 115 Total CE Hours Required

Local anesthesia – 1 credit hour
Emergency medicine – 4 credit hours
Pharmacology – 2 credit hours
Implant biomaterials – 4 credit hours
Implant biomechanics – 8 credit hours
Treatment planning for the single tooth: Anterior and Poster – 30 credit hours
Treatment planning for multiple implant restorations-FDP – 25 credit hours
Treatment planning for the over denture patient – 4 credit hours
Treatment planning for the fully edentulous patient – 30 credit hours
Digital and analog impressions – 3 credit hours
Implant occlusion – 4 credit hours

Core Knowledge Categories = 85 Total CE Hours Required

Anatomy – 4 credit hours
Radiographic interpretation – 4 credit hours
Diagnosis and treatment planning – 10 credit hours
Risk assessment – 8 credit hours
Radiographic and surgical guide fabrication – 4 credit hours
Surgical implant placement – 30 credit hours
Restorative implant procedures – 25 credit hours